David Levy

David LevyDavid Levy, 61 is a first generation diamantaire who began his career in the Israel diamond industry as a polisher. In 1970, he established his own diamond polishing plant, first working as a sub contractor, but soon afterwards as an independent manufacturer. Levy became a member of the Israel Diamond Echange in 1974 and joined the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association in the same year. He incorporated David Levy Diamonds in 1979.

Levy explains his decision to specialize in HPHT processed diamonds as follows: "Small and medium sized diamond companies that wish to continue to serve the market, need to apply their expertise, skills and knowledge to niche product s. HPHT diamonds are special diamond products that, if produced and marketed correctly and properly, can and will do very well in the diamond jewellery market, because the diamonds' quality is superb and their price point highly advantageous.”

David Levy and Avi Tabisal of IDC Diamonds established the HPHT Group partnership to enhance the reputation of HPHT diamonds and to offer the diamond market the fullest possible range of HPHT processed diamonds.