What are HPHT Diamonds?

HPHT processed diamonds are 100% natural mined diamonds that have undergone a unique process which improves their color by subjecting them to conditions identical to those existing below the surface of the earth. It is as if the diamonds emerged from the earth too soon so we finish the process nature started by bringing them to near colorless state, or what we call collection colors, and thus fulfilling their destination to become a perfectly mature diamond. 

What do I Gain by Purchasing an HPHT Diamond?

An HPHT diamond is often thought to be one of the rarest of high quality diamonds. Their advantages are unfamiliar to most, but are certainly evident:

* Own a superior diamond: Because HPHT diamonds are of the prestigious Type IIa, their natural traits are up scaled and resulting in a high graded diamond for a comfortable budget.    

* Expand your options: By choosing an HPHT diamonds, you can enhance the ranges of carat weight, color or clarity grade and eventually own a natural mined, certified diamond you always dreamt of.

Which Diamonds are Suitable for the HPHT Process

Not all natural diamonds are perfect candidates for HPHT processing. In fact, Type IIa is a unique breed, constituting only 2% of all natural diamonds. They are so highly regarded that a special GIA certification is awarded to Type IIa diamonds to accredit their exceptional color and brilliancy.

What are Type IIa diamonds? Experts classify diamonds into groups to indicate slight differences in their molecular structure. For instance, Type I diamonds —which make up the overwhelming majority of diamonds mined worldwide— are identified as stones that contain a natural nitrogen impurity. 

Is the HPHT Diamond Process Secure and Irreversible?

HPHT processed diamonds cannot reverse to their original state, meaning that the color – or “colorlessness” that is achieved by the process is permanent.
When Type IIa diamonds are extracted from the ground, they often have a brownish tint from the constant exposure of minerals and soil that cause chemical reactions. The HPHT processing allows these stones to desensitize to and to materialize into their destined color. This is a permanent state and you should never be worried that time will change your diamond's appearance. 

Are HPHT Diamonds Certified by a Recognized Gemological Laboratory?

Yes, they are. All of our diamonds are accompanied by a diamond grading report issue by a reputable, internationally renowned gemological laboratory.

HPHT diamonds are required to be sent to a recognized gemological laboratory before a label of certification will be awarded. Most of our diamonds are submitted to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and are carefully screened for any hint of artificial substances. There is full disclosure of the nature of the treatment and each diamond is accompanied by a internationally recognized diamond grading report.