What are HPHT Diamonds?

HPHT processed diamonds are 100% natural mined diamonds that have undergone a unique process which improves their color by subjecting them to conditions identical to those existing below the surface of the earth. It is as if the diamonds emerged from the earth too soon so we finish the process nature started by bringing them to near colorless state, or what we call collection colors, and thus fulfilling their destination to become a perfectly mature diamond. 

This process, called HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) is usually applied to diamonds that have proven to be of a rare, high quality, specific crystal-structure named Type IIa.  Diamonds suitable for this process are of inborn high clarity grading; the HPHT process only upgrades the color without affecting any other traits.

These natural diamonds that have been HPHT processed are as beautiful and durable but simply much more affordable than stones of similar color, clarity, cut and carat weight that have not been subjected to any processes.

It is predicted however, that with time, the HPHT technology will become more familiar to the public and that the demand for HPHT diamonds will increase accordingly, as will their price tag.

Since 1999, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) accepts HPHT processed diamonds for full grading reports, and as such helps enhance the reputation of these unique diamonds. Other international renowned gemological institutes have followed suite and therefore, HPHT processed diamonds are now available to consumers worldwide with the proper certification.