What do I Gain by Purchasing an HPHT Diamond?

An HPHT diamond is often thought to be one of the rarest of high quality diamonds. Their advantages are unfamiliar to most, but are certainly evident:

* Own a superior diamond: Because HPHT diamonds are of the prestigious Type IIa, their natural traits are up scaled and resulting in a high graded diamond for a comfortable budget.    

* Expand your options: By choosing an HPHT diamonds, you can enhance the ranges of carat weight, color or clarity grade and eventually own a natural mined, certified diamond you always dreamt of.

Choose from a variety of Fancy Colored Diamonds: Fancy colored diamonds are becoming not only an affordable buy, but also a quality one since HPHT color diamonds frequently have richer, more beautiful colors due to their original excellent traits. Fans of pink diamonds, yellow diamonds and blue diamonds can choose from our accessible selection of shapes and sizes.

* Make a smart purchase: Practically speaking, you can save up to 65-70% by purchasing an HPHT-processed natural diamond, compared to an unprocessed natural stone, and this saving go higher when it comes to fancy colored diamonds.

* Invest for the future: Industry leaders have been quoted in Rappaport publications that although HPHT processed natural diamonds will probably never surpass unprocessed natural diamonds as an equal, the gap between the two will slowly diminish, since after all, they're essentially the same diamond. Industry professional are further confident that with the correct education, HPHT natural diamonds will eventually become an equal product like any other natural mined diamond. This also means that by purchasing HPHT natural diamonds while the cost is still lower, can gain significant value in the coming years.